1.Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET-AIIMS – Physics.

Objective NCERT at your Fingertips – Physics is an unparalleled book, to let you have NCERT at your fingertips. This book is designed as per the fact that most of the questions asked in PMTs/PETs are from Physics NCERT books of Class XI and XII. It gives a snapshots to revise the important concepts quickly and accommodates chapter wise student friendly synopses for quick and easy revision, topic wise MCQs to practice and check your progress, NCERT exemplar MCQs, Assertion and reasoning for an edge in your AIIMS/JEE preparation and 5 practice papers for self-assessment. It possess 60 questions in average to guarantee the complete revision of NCERT Physics. This book also gives an advantage to gauze your progress with preparation Meter.


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2. 40 Days Physics for NEET

The present revised edition of NEET Physics in Just 40 Days is an impeccable tool designed to achieve perfection in the concepts asked in various medical entrances.  The book has been divided into 40 sections as per strategic division of the syllabus in 40 days eight Unit Tests and three full length mock tests. The preparation starts with Physical World & Measurement on Day 1, then Kinematics, Scalar & Vector Quantities & Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion, Circular Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Motion of a System of Particles, Rigid Bodies, Gravitation, followed by Unit Test 1 on Day 10, then Properties of Bulk Matter, Transfer of Heat, Thermodynamics, Behaviour of Perfect Gas 7 Kinetic Theory, followed by Unit Test 2 on Day 15, then Oscillations & Wave Motion on Day 16 & 17 respectively, followed by Unit Test 3 on day 18, then Electrostatics & Current Electricity on Day 19 & 20 respectively, followed by Unit Test 4 on Day 21, then Magnetic Effects of Current, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, followed by Unit Test 5 on Day 27, then Ray Optics & Wave Optics on Day 28 & 29 respectively, followed by Unit Test 6 on Day 30, then Matter Waves, Photoelectric Effect, Atoms & Nuclei, Radioactivity, followed by Unit Test 7 on Day 35, then Electronic Devices, followed by Unit Test 8 on Day 37and followed by Mock Test on 38th, 39th and 40th Day. All the concepts covered in the book have been discussed clearly and comprehensively to keep the students focused. Topics to Focus, a set of topics for each day have been determined first on each day.All types of objective questions like single option correct, assertion & reason, passage-based etc have been included in the warmup exercise for a day.Also frequent unit tests have been included in between the comprehensive study so that the students can assess their level of preparation for the examination. At the end of the book, NEET Phase I & Phase II 2016 solved papers have also been given in the book to give the candidates an insight into the current examination pattern of NEET.


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3. 29 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions – Physics


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4.Objective NCERT Question Bank for NEET – Physics

Objective NCERT Question Bank Physics is framed as per the need of the CBSE and Non-CBSE students. It accommodate AIPMT-like objective questions at your fingertips which are extracted from NCERT Physics Text Book. All the vital questions of a chapter are placed together at one place. After chapter study, attempt chapter wise questions from the book. It gives you an exam like environment and self-analysis meter to check your performance. Answer key, hints and detailed answers are given at the end of every chapter. This gives you thoroughgoing practice and preparation not only of the important questions of the NCERT Physics but also the understanding of type of questions asked in Board and medical/engineering entrance exams.


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5. 30 Days Crash Course for NEET – Physics

30 Days Crash Course for NEET Physics is a high yielding fact book for fast and accessible revision. It provides a quick look of all the key topics of CBSE and ICSE Physics book for class XI and XII. Book contains the complete syllabus of NEET exam, highlighting the Key formulas, theories and concepts, for CBSE and ICSE students. 30 Days Crash Course for NEET Physics book is designed with a purpose to give students an easy and swift go-through in all the important topics of NCERT Physics in a very limited duration of time. Rapid Physics also helps in polishing Physics concepts for NEET Phase 2 medical entrance exam.
Now revise the entire syllabus of NEET exam just in 30 days with 30 Days Crash Course for NEET Physics. This book referred to those are appearing for NEET Phase 2 Exam.


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