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IMG 20180203 232731 Tips to Be a Good Student

Tips to Be a Good Student

Being a good student is a choice. The student has trained their mind to work in a certain way that will amount to them being a better student. This can be done with discipline and a pre-planned schedule. Any student can make the decision of being a good student. It Read more…

dowry system in india


Coming straight to the nub of matter, let us begin by first and foremost pointing out that it makes for a sad reading to learn that the harassment and crimes related to dowry is still a matter of concern in the 21st century. we might take pride in saying that Read more…

addiction help Addiction- Are You An Addicted ?

Addiction- Are You An Addicted ?

Today I am going to talk about addiction something which you we should understand if you want to avoid any kind of addiction. Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. In a research of heroine addiction scientist kept a mouse in a cage with two pots. In Read more…