The programming language is the language of saying something to the computer. To make a program for work in an easier way programing language is the first thing that you should learn.
At the beginning time of programming, the languages were based on binary digits ‘0’ and ‘1’. But things change with time as now programming has become too easier. Nowadays somewhere you do not need to use the programming language to create a program.
There are different languages has developed for creating programs. Some examples of popular programming languages are-
For websites, browser-based programming languages are developed. e.g. Javascript, VBScript,server-based language- PHP, python, asp, etc. are popular languages nowadays.
For computer programs most popular languages c/c++, java, etc. Nowadays visual C#, visual basic, swift and many more easy languages are being developed.
And the important part of our life the smartphones are being built by using C/C++, Java, Swift, etc. languages in the different software environments. Making an application for smartphones is much easier than earlier. Now-a-days some drag and drop environment are getting popular. For some drag and drop environment, you do not need to learn any programming language. e.g. WordPress, app geyser, etc. platforms.

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