Reduced Syllabus with Monthly lesson distribution AHSEC -

Assam Higher Secondary Education has released a new academic calendar with the reduced syllabus for class 12.

This syllabus contains the following subjects.

MIL Subjects :
(a) Assamese
(b) Bengali
(d) Garo
(e) Hindi
(f) Hmar
(g) Khasi
(h) Manipuri
(i) Mizo
(j) Nepali
(k) Urdu
In lieu of an MIL subject as a part of core subjects.
(l) Alternative English

English (Core)

List of Elective Subjects (Arts, Science & Commerce streams) :
(i) Accountancy
(ii) Advance Assamese
(iii) Advance Bengali
(iv) Advance Bodo
(v) Advance Hindi
(vi) Advance Manipuri
(vii) Advance Sanskrit
(viii) Anthropology
(ix) Banking
(x) Biology
(xi) Business Studies
(xii) Chemistry
(xiii) Commerical Mathematics and Statistics
(xiv) Economics
(xv) Education
(xvi) Geography
(xvii) Geology
(xviii) History
(xix) Insurance
(xx) Logic & Philosophy
(xxi) Mathematics
(xxii) Physics

(xxiii) Political Science

(xxiv) Psychology

(xxv) Salesmanship and Advertising

(xxvi) Sanskrit

(xxvii) Sociology

(xxviii) Statistics

(xxix) Swadesh Adhyayan

Download the whole Syllabus

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