North East, a region consisting of eight states has a literacy rate of 77.7% which was higher than the national average as per March 2011 survey. Even after having such a good literacy rate the educational system of the state government of North East is lagging behind as per national level specially in higher education and because of it students are bound to move to other regions to pursue it. Living in the era of knowledge economy in which the skilled man power has applied the new technique and ideas in the development process, therefore it calls for heavy investment in higher education sector. The states are still following traditional mode of imparting education.

The school curriculum together with lack of practical exposure leads to unemployment. It also gets affected by exogenous factors like bandhs etc.

Insurgency is also a serious factor compelling parents to send their ward in other region for education. Cross-border smuggling, terrorism, and conflicts between the terrorist and the army has made life very difficult and painful in some of the places of North East. In many areas there is hardly three hours of electricity available, water supply is provided once or twice a week, markets are closed by 5 pm and the streets almost gets deserted by 8 pm, so any type of crime might take place in areas where there is no patrolling.

Another problem is that people don’t wanna move out of their hometowns to look for opportunities. But now due to globalization people are moving out looking for jobs specially in malls, BPO etc.

The communal conflicts among different communities have destroyed many villages, killed hundreds and made many homeless. Flood in regular intervals also make development hindered.

In many villages electricity is yet to reach in a regular manner and many are unaware of internet facilities. so, these keeps the youth in dark about the things going on and the job opportunity automatically reduces. These are some of the major problems which forces many to migrate to different regions and North East is losing man power. In order to reduce this immigration an immediate action is must on the educational curriculum. The focus should be on industry training, research and all other things that are practiced in advance states.

Start-up is one of the latest trend and the youth of North East should adopt it. A tentative study should be done on which section a start up will lead to more opportunities and necessary help should be provided by the government too. It has already got the large number of English speaking population, high literacy rate and the culturally diverse mix of students, now it should be all mobilized to the fullest.


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