Coming straight to the nub of matter, let us begin by first and foremost pointing out that it makes for a sad reading to learn that the harassment and crimes related to dowry is still a matter of concern in the 21st century. we might take pride in saying that we(India) are stepping into a modernize and globalize era but the mindset of most of the people to adore a woman has not yet developed and its still the same which was back in 19th century. Though dowry related crimes have decreased to some extent in the last five years but it is yet to be uprooted. Highlighting one of the incident of 2016 where a woman from Ghaziabad, UP committed suicide in her parent’s house as she was tortured for dowry even after marriage. Dowry can be termed as a “prevalent disease”in India. If every one of us see in their own locality marriages 90 percent give or is asked to give dowry and a survey is not required to highlight the fact.

“Dowry is a greed and there is no end to greed. so say no to greed, say no to dowry”. Even after receiving the dowry women are often physically and mentally tortured for more dowry. A woman need to be audacious enough to take steps against those ill treatments by approaching any organization or even police where the matter can be solved. If we ponder a little we get to know the root cause of all these problem is saying yes to dowry by the bride’s family. When the bride’s family say to to dowry they are indirectly trading their own daughter. And if someone thinks in the back of the mind that a well-educated person is the one who doesn’t demand or give dowry it might not be true as to say no and not to demand, one should be well cultured. India is still a country where many considers if a girl is born it is a bad omen and the sex ratio proves it, where in UK the sex ratio scenario is completely the opposite. Everyone should understand a woman is an asset for the family and the society, not a headache.

Bridegroom’s family should consider the bride as the priceless gift they are getting in the marriage. Dowry is a problem which we are tackling still now but some women by taking it’s filing false complaints against the bridegroom and his family. It has become a sort of trend now so the government has taken steps regarding it and ordered not to arrest any convict unless required proofs are collected against the convict.


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