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Perhaps the biggest myth ever propagated about the human body. This myth led to people firmly believing that human beings only use 10% of our total brain hardware. The origin of this myth lie in the studies on child prodigies in the late 19th century. It was the easiest explanation that we could come up with to explain the enhanced intelligence and learning abilities of the children. This myth was further spread by attaching information about Albert Einstein’s brain being significantly different from that of normal humans. Not only him but even other celebrities used.

There is no truth at all this statement. Brain imaging Techniques have provided us with sufficiently developed and accurate images of a brain at work, and it is quite clear that we can use any and all the regions of our brain at any given point of time. Even down to the neurological level, a photo of current state of neurons as sending a charge and receiving one are binary and are either at zero percent or at 100 per cent at a particular time.

Now, the capacity of the human brain has growing since the day we evolved into humans. And it is this very capacity, the computation power of the brain, being increase was brought about by our desire alone and conditioning our brain to work on something repeatedly. We can’t really put a numerical value on the percentage of this capacity of the brain, i.e. the 100 percent. Two, a person conditioned to juggling bottles received conditioning as strongly as a soldier conditioned in hand to hand to hand combat. Yet, both cannot be compared to find out how much of their brain power they are using for these tasks.


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