“I can text, I can mail, I can call for hour. But, I can not talk with someone face to face. I feel very nervous on the stage.”- It is someone’s major problem. It is because of lack of knowledge of communication skill. In our schools and colleges we have to study only the syllabus. But unfortunately communication skill is not a part of it. We ourselves and our school/colleges do not give any importance to communication skills. But it is a need of life. To improve our personality we should know how to communicate with some kind of people. To get a job, to impress someone, to be a gentleman we should have communication skill.

What is communication skills?

The ability to convey or share ideas and feelings effectively is called communication skill. It means how you can express or share your feelings, ideas to people in a way that they can understand. How to make a good connection with friends or people around you depends on your communication skills.

Why we should learn communication skills?

Good Communication Skill can change your personality, attitude, behaviour etc. e.g. if you are going for an interview and you have impressed them who was examining you there has a lot chance to get that job. Thus communication skill can change your life. It helps you to achieve something you want.

Let us take another example, you are a boy you like a girl. You can be her most likeable person by speaking to her. It also helps you to know about her what she likes, what she want from you, how you can make her happy etc.  Thus communication skill can help you to impress someone.

Sometimes you may feel boring, monotonous. It is the time to talk with someone to make yourself happy.  A good conversation can make you feel happy and fulfilled. Scientifically communicating with someone increases dopamine level and it takes over the boredom. Thus communication skill can take over boredom and make you happy.

How to improve communication skills?

Now how can we develop our communication skills? In the internet you can find a lots of information about how you can develop your communication skills. Try to learn them. Act according to the situations by understanding the situations. Ask yourself when you feel good and how you feel good when talk with someone. Thus you can make your way to communicate with people in the way they like. And also try to learn when you feel awkward, boring with someone while you are talking. Try to avoid those talks. Learning from your true and realistic experience can help you better than the tips on the internet. Examine your habits. What habits make you to feel confident? What not? We know that confidence attract everyone. Be confident as much as you can. Talk honestly without argument and keep away from the unpleasant matters.


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