Today I am going to talk about addiction something which you we should understand if you want to avoid any kind of addiction. Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

In a research of heroine addiction scientist kept a mouse in a cage with two pots. In one pot full of water and another full of water, heroine and cocaine mixture. Scientist observed that the mouse drunk only from the heroine cocaine mixture until he had died. In 1970 Bruce Alexander, a scientist noticed that the mouse used to drink water to avoid loneliness and boredom. That’s why they decided to do and another experiment. In this another experiment they kept the mouse with other female mouse. In this experiment the mice were not become addicted to heroine and cocaine. This experiment was applicable for man also. In a war soldiers used heroine but after they returned home they does not become addicted to heroine. Dimorphin , the concentrated heroine is used as medicine but after taking this medicine patient does not become an addicted to heroine.

Addiction can be developed for everything. In case of some teenagers they do not like to talk with his/her parents. They think no is not interested to listen to their thoughts in their home. That is why they develop a way by talking with their friends in chat and social networking application. Thus an addiction to the mobile phone develops in their mind. If we take drugs or we smokes and drinks only to get pleasure then we will obviously become an addicted to smoking ,drinking or drug.

Addiction is developed when we get pleasure from something and do it repeatedly for getting more pleasure. But after becoming an addicted we do it without knowing we are getting pleasure or not.

Some Way To Get Away from Addiction:

  1. Develop a hobby or do something for which you are passionate about. It will keeps you busy.
  2. Make yourself busy in some work which is very important.
  3. Hangout or chill out with your friends.
  4. Talk with your family members and friends if you are feeling depressed.
  5. Go away from addictive things.



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