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#1 Online Flag Waver

In this website you can make your own flag waving by the wind and you will also have the control of the direction of wind.  click here to visit http://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/.

You can copy and paste the image link in the website and you image will acts like flag.

You can also upload file from your computer. Choose file option in the drop down menu of Upload image section and click on open a file to upload a file from your computer.

By clicking on the More Option Button You Can control wind and its direction. Click on wind off button to off wind. Choose direction of wind from the drop-down menu.


I this website you make a dancing robot. Choose a robot and then you will see a new page where you can control the dance of a robot. Click here to visit https://roboboogie.codeclub.org.uk/

After choosing you will see the menu to control the robot. Left/right hand, left/right leg movement you can control.

You can also control the robot by codding. If you are familiar with java script you can control the robot with JavaScript.

#3  Domino Game

In this website there is a board. Where you can make a arrangement of virtual wooden block. You can move the board in 3 dimensional directions. Make a right click on the board it will make a block on that board.

Click here to visit http://domino.roilipman.com/


#4 The Revolving google

This website is same to same google.com but it revolves. You can search anything and click on any result but the opened website will be revolving. Click here to visit this awesome website.

#5 You Are Getting Old

In this website you have to enter only you date of birth it will give you most amazing facts about your birthday.

Click here to visit this website http://you.regettingold.com/



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